Come join us and experience the best BJJ vacation of your life.

All Star BJJ Camp is a BJJ lovers favorite time of the year where you can have the best vacation, training with the best instructors of the world. 

Andre Galvao

5x World Champ

European Champ

ADCC Champ

Angelica Galvao

World No-GI Champ

Abu Dhabi Pro Champ

Clark Gracie

Pan Champ

World Masters Champ

World Nogi Champ

Abu Dhabi Champ

1st Camp

14-21 April

Nashira Resort Hotel

Antalya / Turkey

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14-21 April

Nashira Resort Hotel

Our first camp includes Andre & Angelica Galvao and Clark Gracie.

Antalya / Turkey

Antalya / Turkey



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Antalya, Türkiye